Something with skûtsjes and a lot of love

It’s a dream to shoot a wedding like this. The venue only was reachable by boat and was packed with flowers and the prettiest details, somewhere in Frylân. The wedding couple feels like friends I knew for years and their family and friends were really really friendly and pretty.
Till the ceremony we had a lot of rain, but from the moment the guests arrive there was sun and it was getting hot out there. We were surrounded by beautiful pretty skûtsjes, a lot of (green) happiness and so much love.
I was walking around the quiet wedding venue in the morning and after a great pre wedding dinner we had the night before I feel so humbled. I realized I feel so special to be part of such an important day and capture this once in a lifetime moment for the wedding couple. At the same time I always feel a high pressure, a huge responsibility. But those feelings working well together.
Love it forever.

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